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Edinburgh is a beautiful, historical city located in Scotland. It's a top tourist destination for people wanting to indulge in history, culture and a range of dining experiences. Scotland is well-known for its unique, traditional dishes but also for its modern take on these dishes and a range of international cuisines. When it comes to city restaurant edinburgh, the choices are endless both when it comes to the venues available and the types of meals. 

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The city of Edinburgh is very easy to get around as there is a modern and extensive public transportation system in place. Many of the eateries are situated around the Royal Mile, which is a main tourist area in the city, so it's easy to search for a place to eat as everything is so close to together.

It doesn't matter what type of cuisine you are looking for, you will find it in Edinburgh. Whether it be Middle Eastern, Indian, Mexican or Chinese food you are looking for, themed restaurants are situated in every area of the city. Of course, local specialties are available pretty much everywhere and include things like Haggis, Bangers and mash, puddings and a wide variety of fish dishes.

Bakeries are also a common site in Edinburgh. Like most bakeries around the world, this is where you will find homemade breads, cakes, pies and other sweet treats but you can also find some unique meal options like sandwiches and pasta dishes. Most bakeries have a sitting area where visitors can enjoy their food.

Hotels are another place to search for city restaurant edinburgh. Hotels are spread around the city and restaurants vary depending on the type of hotel. Higher end hotels usually offer fine dining with gourmet options while budget hotels typically have a family restaurant with buffet options. Traveling is made more convenient when you choose a hotel that has a restaurant as it saves time and money as breakfast is usually included in the price. Hotel restaurants also usually offer a wider range of meal options than smaller specialty restaurants.

It's hard to say how many restaurants are in this city but what can be said for sure is they seem to be all over the place and come in all sizes and varieties. There are large family restaurants, small specialty restaurants, traditional pubs with live entertainment and pub food and fine dining establishments where the finest ingredients are used to concoct world-class meals.